Dentures are dental restorations that can be custom-made to suit your unique requirements. They are removable restorative appliances that can be taken out and put back into the oral cavity. Dentures not only would be a restorative option but also means of improving the appearance and smile. By wearing dentures the patient would be able to speak, laugh, chew, and reinstate the functions of the oral cavity.

How do dentures help restore missing teeth?

Dentures are composed of an acrylic-base with artificial teeth on its surface to mimic life-like gums and teeth. The upper portion of the denture would sit on the palate of the mouth and the lower denture would accommodate the tongue.

What are the different types of dentures?

Custom-made dentures come in different types:

1. Conventional Dentures:

These dentures are placed on the surface of the jawbone immediately after teeth get removed.

2. Immediate Dentures:

Immediate dentures can be placed and set on teeth as soon as they are removed. The benefit of wearing immediate dentures is that patients wouldn't have to be without teeth.

3. Partial Denture:

Partial dentures are designed to rest on partially damaged teeth to restore its function and aesthetics. They are removable and a great alternative to bridges.

What are the benefits of wearing dentures?

Missing teeth may sag your chin sag making you appear older and unattractive. Dentures are the perfect dental restoration for those who suffer from missing teeth and wishes to improve their facial posture and appearance. 

What is the procedure involved in getting dentures?

Creating your custom-made dentures would involve the following:

- During your first visit, the dentist would examine the oral cavity by taking X-rays of the same. This allows the dentist to take visual shape and impressions of the jaws.

- With the help of these impressions, the dentist would create wax models of your custom denture.

- The final denture would be cast based on the patient's unique requirements.

- On your second visit, the dentist would set the denture in place and adjust if needed.

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